The Castaways

Portland's Most Fun Recreational Dragon Boat Team

Why Join the Castaways?

(Hint: Fun, rewarding exercise)


Have Fun!


Get and stay fit


Play well with others


All at your own pace...

Have Fun!

While we're all in favor of having a hard workout, we know that dragon boating is a hobby. We're not afraid of downing a couple of brewskis after a race (or even practice in the summer. We believe that paddling should be at least as much fun as it is good exercise.

Get and Stay Fit

We don't shy away from working hard during practice so that we can be competitive at the races. We'll do intervals training, long sets, and multiple race pieces. You'll definitely feel like you've done some good, hard work.

Play Well with Others

We do a ton of group activities, including the occasional Thriller dance. When not dealing with a pandemic, we'll often gather for parties and volunteer in the community. We can be both silly and serious.

All at your own pace...

A key aspect of our team is that everyone is welcome. We encourage everyone to do they best they can from whereever they are in life. Come as often as you can, but don't stress about missing a few practices. We'll still be here (20+ years and going strong!)

When and Where We Practice

We generally practice ALL YEAR, with a short break around the December holidays.
2024 Practice Times
We practice on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings:

Tuesday: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am to 10:30am
Where and when to go...
We meet by the flagpole just outside the Riverplace Hotel at the South end of Waterfront Park. We meet about 10-15 minutes before practice and usually head to the dock at 9:25am on Saturdays and 5:55pm when we have evening practices.
What to wear and what to bring
We will provide a paddle and life jacket (PFD) if you don't have those. Otherwise, dress in water-wicking (or waterproof) layers appropriate for the weather conditions. We paddle ALL YEAR, rain or shine (but don't go out if it's too cold to be safe). 

Races in which we will participate

Dragon boat races occur almost all year, around the globe. We generally attend a smattering of local races and one out-of-town race. 
tacoma, washington
Saturday, May 18, 2024
The Tacoma Dragon Boat Association (TDBA) is pleased to host the annual Rainier Dragon Boat Festival. This annual regatta is one of the premier competitive dragon boat events in the Pacific Northwest.
Salem, oregon
Saturday, June 29th 2024
Salem is one of our favorites
Victoria, BC
August 9-11 2024
(Castaways will NOT paddle in Victoria in 2024)
Portland, oregon
September 7-8 2024
This is the biggie! Our premier race in early September, right here in Portland. It's a two-day festival and we typically have both a mixed gender team and a women's team.

Dues (and other stuff)

We charge a minimal monthly dues that covers the cost of renting the dragon boats. You only pay for the races you choose to attend. 
single payment

Pay in January


Annual dues only, prorated based on when in the year you start.  
Key Points
The dues covers (barely) the boat rental from DragonSports USA. Currently, you must up-to-date with your vaccines to paddle with the team. Vaccination is not required to be a member of DragonSports.  Sign the one-time waiver on the DragonSports Website.
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