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Portland's funnest recreational mixed team

Why Join the Castaways?

(Hint: Fun, rewarding exercise)

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Feel free to join us at any practice. Give dragonboating and out team a try, and if you like it, we'll welcome you with open paddles.
How to Join
Discover why people of all ages and body types worldwide have taken to Dragon Boating. You'll get a tough 1-hour workout two or three days a week that will get your heart pumping more than you can imagine.
Parties... Pub crawls... International travel. What more can you ask of a healthy activity with a fun-loving group? Whether it's a hand-crafted ale, mug of coffee, or shopping in Victoria, we've got you covered.

Becoming a Castaway from a Newbie

What’s it like paddling with the Castaways from a newbie’s perspective? Will Worthey, a librarian by day, provides a first-hand look at paddling with the Castaways, a Portland dragon boat team.
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