Want some fun and great exercise?

How to Join

Paddle hard, have fun!

We're quite serious about paddling hard when we're training for or at a race. It's all business as we push ourselves to the limit with every stroke and every power-10.

Practices are tough, but fun. The Castaways is the ideal team for you if you love being on the water and getting a good workout, but don't want your whole life to revolve around your dragon boat team.

Weekly practices are highly encouraged, but not required. That's a key difference between a competitively recreational team like us and the "clubs" with their required practices and workouts.

Plus, as long as you pay your dues (only $10/month) and regularly attend practices, you're assured of having a spot on the team come race time. Unfortunately, that's not the case with highly competitive teams (as it should be).

The result is that we typically land near the top in our division at races without having to fret about winning the whole darned thing.

We have fun... AND we get incredibly good workouts.

Join us. Give it a test run to see if you like dragon boat paddling.
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