Castaways Dragon Boat Team Races

Race Registration


If you've already filled this form once and JUST want to sign up for a race for which you didn't previously sign up for (for example, now you want to do Kent -- just check "Kent" and nothing else), check ONLY the NEW races for which you want to register. DO NOT check races for which you've already registered!!

Thank you for reading this. 


  • We will ask for payment on a "as soon as possible" basis.
  • You are not officially registered until you pay.
  • We cap each race at 25 people (except for Portland), so you may be bumped if you don't pay.
  • If we have enough people register for the Portland race, we'll register two teams. We've had one mixed and one women's team in the past, but we can do two mixed teams.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you with payment options.
  • Each race organizer will receive an email confirming your desired participation in that race, and they WILL track you down for payment.

Masters  and Grand Masters Races in Portland: Portland has "Specialty Division" races, usually on Saturday. The Masters division is for those 40+ and the Grand Masters is for 50+. If we get enough interest, we'll enter one of these divisions at NO additional cost to participants.